This is Rocket! He is a German Wirehaired Pointer and he joined our family on May 5th 2018. He is a fun filled bundle of sharp teeth, claws and hilarity at life.

Why a GWP? Lots of people have asked us this. They’re not exactly a common breed down the park. In fact we did a 460 mile round trip to collect Rocket! They are not a dog that you often see in towns and cities, but as a working gundog breed venture into the countryside and you will find them working or competing in field trials.

After losing our staffy cross Poppy, we put a lot of thought into what dog we would like as a family dog and companion for Chip our springer spaniel.

We tend to like bull breeds – in fact we love them, but a bull breed is not a great companion for a high energy timid springer spaniel. So we decided to get a dog that in behaviour and exercise requirements is quite similar to Chip. A GWP ticked those boxes, plus I’ve always wanted a hairy mclary type of dog.

So we are now a family with two dogs once again and all the fun and challenges that presents!