Her singing.

Her talking.

Her burying her head in my chest for a cuddle.

Her love for squeaky balls.

Her love for stealing and destroying footballs.

Her madness at the sound of a nerf gun.

Her barking at the postman /delivery man / anyone at the front door.

Her freaking out at the music to Holby City.

Her carrying of trees.

Her hanging off trees and bushes.

Her mummy love for Chip.

Her love for sleeping under a blanket.

Her pointy nose checking out the edge of the bed.

Her love for eating water from a hose pipe.

Her love for balloons and making them pop.

Her going crazy to the Holby City closing music!

Her sitting on my lap for cuddles.

Her cleaning of peoples feet.

Her wanting to come in the swimming pool.

Her loving swimming in the pond, after her hesitancy to get in.

Her tail as her rudder when she swam.

Her catching of flies.

Her barking her head off at anyone knocking at the front door.

Her playing with spiders.

Her having a paddle in the sea.

Her digging of holes in the sand.

Her stealing of tennis balls and shoving them under a bar under a bridge.

Her digging in water.

Her Hoover attack mode.

How she would join in a play fight when Richard made me squeal or said ‘Get mommy’.

Her sitting on the chair like a human,  waiting to see the vet.

Her rolling on her back and wiggling.

Her shouting with excitement when the car stopped.

Her stealing of Chips chews.

Her sunbathing.

Her love of people..all people…


Love you Pops x

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