I love her with all my heart, but I am sobbing as I scrub my carpet to try and get rid of the huge poo stain again. 

Every day for the past two weeks 6.30am finds me scrubbing because she can’t get through the night and the urge to poop is too urgent to wake us.

9pm I am scrubbing again because despite the door being open it obviously took her by surprise. And it’s fine it really is, it’s only kidding carpet but here I am sobbing and scrubbing. Because it is a monumental shit stain. Imagine a bucket of chocolate sauce all over your carpet. 

My carpet is more poop than carpet and I am in an endless cycle of bleaching and scrubbing and vaxing. 

There is no other way.

It sucks for her and for me. So I am sobbing and scrubbing and telling her it’s ok.

And it will be until 6.30am.