Just when you think you have everything under control…the dog starts giving you the run around when it’s time to go home. In my case, this little rascal below has  decided that he wants me to run around for 10 minutes playing a game of ‘catch me and then we can go home‘!!!

Typically the first two times this happened I completely forgot all my little tricks to get him under control. Chip doesn’t respond to ANY food when he is out, the only thing he is interested in is his tennis ball, so I have to get smart!

Top tips for getting the reluctant dog (who doesn’t respond to food) on the lead.

  • Do it when they LEAST expect it. Basically do it anywhere other than where it is obvious that it is time to go home. It catches them off guard!
  • Practice putting them on-lead for short periods throughout your walks. This way the lead doesn’t always mean home-time, and it keeps them guessing.
  • Practice getting them to SIT and STAY randomly on the walk. This is my ultimate goal – when he does this (and he does occasionally) he’s a breeze.
  • Pack away the tennis ball, if you have one like the one above who just wants to play, play and play some more.
  • Remember to PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE him when the lead goes on. HUGE  GOOD BOY AND WELL DONE equals positive association with going on-lead.

Wish me luck; I’ll be off to practice what I preach now 🙂