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A dog is for life…not just for Christmas. It saddens me that this Dogs Trust slogan is still so pertinent at this time of year. In my opinion pets should not be given as ‘gifts’. Gifts can be unwanted, returned, given away, grown bored of…

A dog of any age is a commitment . When you give a dog a home you are making a promise. You are promising to care for, love and respect this creature for the rest of its life whether that is one, five or 20 years. This is the vow that you make and a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Imagine for one second that you gave a child a home, cared for them, played with them, integrated them into your family. Then one day you decided it was too hard, too much for you to cope with and without warning sent them away to a strange place. How would they feel? What would they think? Would they wonder what was happening? Would they feel afraid and confused? Would they feel the loss of your love?

…dogs are sentient beings…that means they have feelings too…