Dogs and Fireworks
Copyright: antonlunkov / 123RF Stock Photo

I love fireworks, especially big booming displays that light up the entire sky. Unfortunately one of my dogs does not and for us, that means this time of year can be quite stressful. It wouldn’t be so bad – except that Bonfire Night is not just one night any more. From the moment they go on sale people start letting them off, and we are quite often still suffering at the end of January. I find it incredible in this day and age when health and safety rulings are sometimes beyond the ridiculous that it is still acceptable to sell explosives to the general public.

I am not a spoilsport or a kill joy, but I absolutely agree that the sale of fireworks should be regulated. How many reasons do we need?

  • Irresponsible use of fireworks means that every year around 1,000 children and adults get hurt. Although more than half the injuries sustained are by children, and in the past few years over 350 pre-school aged chidren have been treated in hospital for fireworks injuries! (Source:
  • Fireworks distress and can kill animals. Birds can lose orientation, fleeing animals can get hurt, loud bangs can cause ear damage, and the shock of a firework can traumatise an animal for life and even kill them.
  • Fireworks are used intentionally by humans to hurt animals.
  • Unregulated, random letting off of fireworks is anti social.

So tonight and for the next two months we will be unable to go out after dark and leave our dogs home alone. We will be keeping the dogs inside, the curtains drawn and the TV on louder than usual to try and limit the impact the fireworks have on Poppy.

We will be trying to keep her calm so that her barking doesn’t wake up our son on a school night. We will be trying to keep her calm so her innate fear does not teach our un-fussed Springer to start emulating her behaviour. We will not be going to see a professional fireworks display unless we have a trusted dog sitter to come and keep our dogs company whilst we are gone.

As I said I love fireworks, I just think its time something was done about their anti social and harmful use.

Sign the petition Make the purchase, possession and use of fireworks illegal without a licence