YellowDogUKSome dogs need space. They may dislike other dogs. They may dislike other humans. They may be in training. They may have health issues. They may be a rescue dog being rehabilitated. They may just be anxious/nervous/worried about being in certain situations. If you have a dog that needs space, how do you let other people know to keep their dogs away?

If you have a dog that needs space, every walk can become a difficult experience for both the owner and the dog. Trying to keep other dogs at a distance means that often you end up trying to find areas to exercise your dog where the risk of meeting other dogs is low. If you do walk in an area where there are lots of other dog walkers around then you can spend a lot of time trying to avoid other dogs.

Everyone needs to know about and spread the word about the international ‘Yellow Dog’ campaign. If you have a dog that needs space, then this campaign supports you. You can claim your free yellow ribbon for your dog here (UK site). If your dog wears a yellow ribbon you are telling other dog owners to give your dog space.  If you think you need more than a ribbon then you can wear a ‘Yellow Dog – I need space’ tabard and your dog can wear a matching vest or bandana. If you want to shout ‘GIVE US SPACE’ to the world then this is the way to do it.

Adopt the ‘Yellow Dog’ ribbon and help educate other dog owners about the ‘Yellow Dog’ campaign.

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