Hot chipAs the summer finally seems to have arrived in the UK, it is getting warm! Very warm in fact, and I have learnt something new about Springer Spaniels. They don’t know when to stop or just can’t. It doesn’t matter if they are panting like there is no tomorrow with wet slobbery ears, they still want to keep going and that I think poses a problem for potential heat stroke, dehydration and exhaustion. 

Chip will run and run and run. Even when I tell him to stop, his version of resting is to run circles around me. In the heat and the sun I think this is potentially dangerous. I am taking measures not to overwork him with ball throwing, but it is still concerning.

Then today I spotted a competition on Your Dog magazine’s website for a dog cooling vest. What a fantastic idea. You can enter the competition here (UK residents only) or order one here. They’re a bit pricey so I shall see if I win one first, but if not I think I may have a solution to my springers summer madness!