Tick removerI have just removed my first ever tick (from my dog!), but the instruction leaflet doesn’t tell you what to do with said tick when it is stuck in the tick twister tool?

Usually I get the husband to remove them from the dogs; he is quick with a pair of tweezers. That might be preferable, as watching the ticks legs moving when I am gently coaxing it out of my dogs body is pretty grosse.

This is, I think, the fourth tick in 2 weeks we have removed from Chip the Springer. Poppy seems to rarely pick them up, and it must be because Chip is tearing through hedges and undergrowth on our walks and Pop just potters along on the paths.

I am a little bit freaked out by ticks at the moment, there seems to be a lot of talk about tick-borne infections, and no available vaccines to defend yourself or your dog.

Read this site for a really clear comprehensive overview of the risk ticks pose and how to safely remove them www.bada-uk.org/ticks

They also have a really interesting myth busting section. Did you know that you can’t suffocate a tick to make it drop off e.g. with a liberal smothering of vaseline? Apparently ticks only breathe 1-15 times in an hour. Applying stuff to it may cause it to drop off as it vomits to disengage itself from the irritating substance, but this is what can increase the risk of infection as its fluids may get into the hosts bloodstream.

So … what to do with a live tick stuck in a tick twister…..