So we have embarked on our 1-2-1 dog training with Doogies, which I love, Poppy loves and Chip seems very reluctant about. The most interesting thing that came out of our initial session was Chip’s absolute wariness of the whole training process. We will be taking very small steps with my timid little springer spaniel.

We covered off several things, but the one I want to highlight first is name training.  It sounded odd at first, after all my dogs do know their names! But name training is so much more than that. It is about your dog learning that when you say his name it is a GOOD thing.

It seems such a simple exercise, but I see now what a fundamental piece of foundation training this is. If my dog knows that when I say his name it is a positive and good experience then he will be better prepared for recall training.

Phase 1 of this training is literally having a handful of teeny tiny treats and in a distraction free area just saying their name in a positive voice and giving them a treat.

My dogs are learning by association that when I call their name, nice things happen. How easy and cool is that?!