2014-11-25 17.03.40So we braved, or rather our dogs, braved their first long kennel stay ever last week. 10 days and 9 nights whilst us selfish owners flew off to sunnier climes. Every day I wondered how they were getting on, but working on the basis that no news is good news we didn’t worry too much.

9am the day after we flew back into the country we were at the door of New Forest Kennels and Cattery to pick them up. What a relief it was to hear that they were fine, and both handled being in the kennels really well; particularly our timid little Chip who suffers a little separation anxiety.

They were both exuberant to see us, which is always a pleasure – after all the feeling is mutual. But I was so relieved to hear the kennel staff talk about how they had been and to see how well they both looked.

So this is a thank you to the lovely staff who cared for Poppy and Chip for us. It is always a worry leaving your dogs in the care of strangers, but now after their second visit they are no longer strangers they are reliable carers who kept our dogs safe and well in our absence.