We’re off on a week’s holiday soon. Long overdue and definitely needed, but this will be the first time we have no one to dog sit for us. My father in law always did it for us, as our dogs were as much his as ours. Now he is no longer with us we have no choice; we have to find someone else to look after the dogs or we will never be able to go away.

I have investigated in great detail local sitters that come and live in your house, or host families where our dogs can go to them. I have looked at ‘borrow my doggy’ as a possibility of befriending a local dog lover that might take them, but after all this I am still coming back to putting them in kennels.

I am sure they would be happier with someone looking after them at home.  I am not confident that my timid springer teenager Chip will respond to anyone like he does to me. If I am to trust someone else walking him, I need to know that either he obeys them or that he can’t get out of the fenced field he is in. The kennels provides the latter – guaranteed.

There is also the underlying fear that my dogs are not easy dogs to exercise together. It is still hard work, in a few months with more training I am sure it will be a different story – but right now I would worry about someone else handling/coping with them.

Kennels seem to be the only option, where we can be confident that they will be fed, sheltered and exercised safely. But I don’t like it. If I only had one dog I don’t think I could do it. At least they have each other for company – even if they lack the comfort of family, familiarity and home for 7 days.

I know every dog is different and the kennels are very good. I know that as a family we really need a week away together after a rough past year, and we will only get this one opportunity this year.  I think I may have to be Doggy MumZilla and drop them at the kennels with a suitcase of home comforts, treats and a long list of instructions. 😦