Chip the English springer spanielThis is Chip. Yes, he is cute. Yes, he looks like butter wouldn’t melt. He is, at 9 months old we think a pretty good little dog and we are making progress every day.

Except when it comes to walking on the lead and it is like being pulled by a freight train. Most of the dog owners I meet and mention this too just smile at me and say ‘well he’s a springer’! Then there is his tendency to not want to go home and just dance beyond our reach for 5 minutes before he will eventually permit us to catch him. Not quite so adorable now, the little imp! So I am calling in the experts. Not to train him so much but me, so he understands what I want him to do.

Finding the expert though has been a bit of a process. Googling ‘dog trainers’ in my area bought up reams of possibilities. I trawled websites and Facebook pages and not one of them was appealing to me.

Too many seemed too professional, odd that that seems a negative to me. They seemed to formal, to much like calling in the headmaster. There are many who talk about their years and years of experience, again too formal. What was I looking for?

I think I was looking for a ‘friend’. Someone that would love to help us, help our dog be the best he can be to work in our little family. Someone that obviously just loves dogs.

Thankfully I found her!  Nicci from Doogies Dog Training is my saviour! After an initial 2 hour phone call just chatting about my dogs and her dog, followed by a questionnaire and home consultation she is officially my dog trainer of choice.

She is professional, but also friendly and approachable. She obviously loves dogs and loves working with them. I actually can’t wait to start training Chip with her.