Beware of the dog ownerNeed to rant! I’ll keep it brief. This morning I walked to the beach with Poppy dog off the lead doing her usual moseying around, and fighting the mad puppy who was doing everything but behaving on the lead.

It was a nice morning and I was in a good mood. As usual I kept an eye on Pop in case she did her no.2. I spotted her doing her usual pee at every lamp post ( I swear she thinks she’s a boy).  Then literally out of nowhere there was a shrill posh voice that said ‘don’t you pick up after your dogs then?’.

I (despite being incensed by the woman’s tone) turned around and said ‘Of course I do, why did she (meaning Pop) do something that I missed?  I do have my hands full with this one’ (gesturing to the mad puppy).  To which she replied ‘ obviously you don’t, it’s right back there at the top of the path’. I wouldn’t have minded but she was rude and sneery, so as I turned to walk back to check the path I couldn’t help myself and shouted back ‘ You do know there is no need to be so arsey about it!’ (Oops, note to self – do try and rise above these things).

Anyway I trudged back up the path to the mad puppy’s disgust and after 10 minutes of searching found nothing. Not a thing! I can only think that she saw Pop’s awkward pee stance (she is a bit rotund and a funny shape being a weird combination of many breeds) and assumed she was pooping.

The thing is I am still mad about it! I always pick up after my dogs, I have poop bags stuffed in every pocket and bag that I own. Even if I had missed Pop pooping, I don’t mind being told about it, but I do mind being talked to as if I am some criminal, when a polite ‘Sorry, I think you missed your dog doing a no.2’ would suffice.

Maybe she doesn’t like dogs, maybe she’d trodden in poop that day, or maybe she was just a vitriolic old bag, who knows?! But maybe, just maybe when we do think we see an owner miss their dog’s poop we could try and be a bit more polite in the way we tackle it.