Paw print on your heartI found out last weekend that an acquaintance/friend tragically lost their beloved dog. My heart breaks for them, because I remember the feelings that follow loss and I would not wish them on anyone.

For us, losing a dog is like losing a person. Your dog is your faithful companion, your loyal friend, the one who will always listen, the one that will play, snuggle if you need a hug, make you smile when you are sad. They are your constant and your confidant. 

Every day my dogs make me smile. Be that their requests for affection, watching them play, laughing at Chip as he ‘met’ snow for the first time today, or just contentment as they lie on my feet under my desk.

I miss my Harvey dog every day, but the pain has eased. I can smile when I look at my photos of him. I may tear up at the memories, but they are now (mainly) happy ones. I see owners with staffies and I still want to tell them all about him and how wonderful he was and that he was mine. I still call his name when I mean to call Poppy, or especially if I am telling one of them to get off the bed.

I want to tell you that when you lose your best friend it will be painful and raw. It will be bleak and dark and your grief will feel like a dark tunnel. But you will come out the other side eventually. You will begin to remember the wonderful things, and in time will learn to live without them being there. But just because you have learned to live without them it doesn’t mean that you will forget.

You will never forget them – as they leave behind a permanent paw print on your heart. xxx