Poppy Last year we lost my father in law and our Harvey dog within the space of one month. When we let Harvey go we did wonder how our remaining dog Poppy would cope, since she had lived with Harvey for the past 6 years and had never been an only dog.

Bless her she didn’t have long as the puppy arrived shortly after, and she adapted brilliantly and I think is thoroughly enjoying having a playmate – since Harvey was too old to play and tolerated her presence at a push.

But it does make you wonder how they make sense of their world. My father in law had looked after Poppy and Harvey every day for 3 years whilst I worked, and then at least twice a week when I started working from home. She was as much his dog as ours. It didn’t occur to me that she would feel his loss too.

It happened again today, someone walking in the park that from a distance could have been my father in law. Her whole body perked up and she went running after them with a whole body wiggle like she hadn’t seen them for months. And then she realised it wasn’t him and stopped and looked back at me. Yep, my heart skipped a beat and I cried, in the middle of a field, feeling her loss as much as my own.

Last week she chased an elderly gentleman in the distance with a black staffie, that really I would have mistaken for my father in law and my old Harvey. She pelted full blast after them, too only stop in her tracks when she realised it wasn’t them.

It is heartbreaking to watch, and now I wonder what is she thinking? This man and this dog that were a huge part of her life that were suddenly gone.

I had Harvey’s collar out the other day, as I am creating a box frame for it with some photos. She went crazy sniffing the collar and whining. Bless her, how does she make sense of the world.

For the most part she seems a happy and contented dog, slightly odd in her ways but that is Poppy since we have had her, but she remembers and I think she always will.